Stéphanie Emond

Stephanie Emond - Team RwandaWho are you?

I was born and raised in Montreal. I started my career in the field of advertising and media and after a few years, was determined to work in international development. After participating in a volunteer project in Peru, I was hired by a local microfinance institution…I have been working in microfinance since 2003, mainly for the Canadian International Development Agency…I am very curious, I like to discover places and meet new people.
Why this team?

My team members are passionate, dynamic, brilliant individuals that come from very different backgrounds. We like to work hard, but also know how to laugh and have fun! I think we can learn a lot from eachother and put our various experiences together for the benefit of this project.
Why this project?

I have a passion for international cooperation and know that businesses plays an important role in and can speed the pace of development efforts in emerging countries.
Are you excited?

I am incredibly excited!
Most of my work in development has been focussed in latin american countries, and this will be the first time I set foot in Africa! I can’t wait to learn from and work with the local community in Banda and with Kageno!


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